Date:July 04, 2014

Carpet Cleaning

With the high traffic produced by your successful business no matter how much you maintain your carpets they need to be professionally cleaned. A quarterly carpet cleaning may be necessary due to dirt, spills and stains.

We remove deep stains and dirt that vacuums alone cannot, giving your carpets a thorough cleaning to bring them back to life.

The Carpet Care Process:

  • We begin with a pre-cleaning inspection, looking for stains and other problem areas that will require additional attention.
  • We then vacuum with a very powerful, state of the art, commercial vacuum to remove loose dirt and particles from the carpet, a procedure other cleaning companies do not perform.
  • We then move small to medium sized furniture out of the treatment area.
  • Next, we pre-treat the carpet by spraying a powerful stain detergent to penetrate, and loosen stains and traffic marks.
  • Then our highly trained technicians get down to the deep cleaning, where they use our state of the art high speed scrubbers in order to lift and remove those deep stains.
  • Afterwards your carpets are steam cleaned to extract excess water, and lastly dried with high-speed blowers.
  • Finally, we inspect the carpet on a final walk through with the customer where they are able to view their fully restored carpet.